Style Proportion

27 Nov

The Definition of Vogue

“Don’t make fashion own you, decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”
Gianni Versace

When thinking about putting an outfit together what do you think of? For me, I mainly consider my body type and what will and will not suit me. But what about proportions? I stumbled on Lauren Conrad’s 3 top tips of what to consider for styling proportions (from

1. Balance volume with slim cuts. If you’re wearing a more voluminous blouse or a slouchy cardigan, pair it with something fitted below. Or if you’re wearing a swingy skirt or wide-legged trousers, pair it with a more tailored top. Remember: Nobody looks good drowning in fabric, but head-to-toe-tightness isn’t usually a good look either.




2. Pair short with long and long with short. A longer jacket, coat, tunic, or boyfriend blazer…

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